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The Seaview Experience

Seaview Village, Isle of Wight

Seaview, in the north east of the Isle of Wight, overlooks the spectacular Solent and is one of the most famous seaside villages in the country, ranking alongside such glamorous spots as Rock, Salcombe and Aldeburgh.

The village has a relaxed atmosphere, excellent pubs, cafes & restaurants and, above all, friendly people.

Being one of the most southerly parts of the UK, Seaview has a milder climate than most other areas, and the Isle of Wight is also sunnier than most parts of the UK and Western Europe, beating even areas of Northern Spain!

Seaview holidays accommodation is perfectly positioned on the edge of the village, and close to the seafront and the local beaches, with Priory Bay being a particularly special and secluded place. The broad, sandy beaches at Appley and Ryde are both within easy walking distance too.


The esplanade from the seashore


The village high street

The Seaview Regatta

The annual Seaview Regatta is one of the most enjoyable times of the year here, and involves a remarkable series of events: you do not need to be a sailing fan to enjoy or participate. There are shore sports for children, swimming and diving events for children and adults, and, perhaps the most ridiculous event ever invented, 'the Greasy Pole' whereby the winner is the person, usually in fancy dress, who can walk or slide the furthest along a pole suspended from the yacht club slipway!

Rowing races in the village's own unique boats? A tug of war competition with a hog roast on the side? No problem! Ever done the Rescue Race? Well, the male rows out from the beach whilst his female partner swims towards him from a boat offshore. She finds her man and gets into the boat, they both row ashore and the winner is the girl to kiss the Regatta President first. By the way, about 30 or so compete. Great stuff!

If you want to compete - and hundreds do every year - for some pretty hefty cash prizes and cups, just pay the small entry fee (see We will show you what to do.

And how does the Week finish? With the most fabulous fireworks display outside of Cowes Week, bringing people from all over the Island to enjoy this extravaganza.

Sailing and Seaview Village

Until mid Victorian times the village was a backwater, with Ryde and Cowes attracting the glitterati of the day as they followed the Queen and her courtiers as they took the waters and established the Island as the premier yachting venue worldwide. A pier for promenading was built here, and a large hotel overlooked it. Whilst both these examples of Victorian confidence faded away, The Seaview Yacht Club, established in 1893, thrived and really put this quiet village on the map.

The Club’s fleet includes the elegant Mermaids with their magical, colourful spinnakers, which race off the beaches on most days of the summer. You can also see Seaview One Design Dinghies, the biggest fleet of such wooden craft on the South Coast. Again, their sails are multi-coloured and a delight to see in the evening sun.

So famous has the club become that Prince Philip attended their centenary and perhaps began the movement that brings celebrities here to blend in quietly and enjoy their holiday, but be assured that the Seaview Experience does not include paparazzi!

The Hersey Nature Reserve

This reserve, right next to us, shows that it's easy to mix countryside and seaside here in Seaview. You can watch a buzzard wheeling on a thermal over the lake and reed beds, then turn around and see hundreds of the biggest yachts in the world running down past the No Man's Land Fort in the Round the Island race or during Cowes Week.

Of course, our most famous residents are our red squirrels. Seaview remains one of the few places in the country you will still see these wonderful animals. If you prefer even more exotic fauna, near by is another popular wildlife experience, The Seaview Wildlife Encounter where you can meet penguins, wallabies, macaws and even feed some of them by hand!



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